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METATRON (Station d'Ecologie Experimentale de Moulis)

The Metatron is an experimental system instrumented for studying the working of ecosystems and organisms in response to changes in the environment. It is managed by the theoretical and experimental ecology station of the CNRS of Moulis UMR 5321 (SETE) located in Moulis in the département of Ariège.

The Metatron is installed in Caumont, about 15 km away from the facility of Moulis.

The system is dedicated to the study of experimental populations installed in semi-controlled land environments (possibility of wetland habitats). It consists of a set of 48 units of 100 m2/200 m3 each, which are “population cages” populated with a community of partially controlled animal and plant species (species introduced into the system by users, regulation of some of the species naturally present), on which certain conditions of temperature, humidity and sunlight are imposed.

The system is accessible from 1 March to 1 November. More information on

Two sections of 24 cages displayed below (allowing you to choose your configuration):

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